Materials : wood, paper, marble & miror stickers, cork, 
polyuréthane foam, paintings, silicon, fabrics ... 
Panelling : the all space
Manufacturer : Self production / Sophie Lamm & Cédric Canaud
Location : W Pantin / France
Year : 2016

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" W État 1 ... avec Sophie Lamm" Is an artistic "rendez-vous" inviting different pratices and practitioners: dancers, choregraphers, video artists, designers, photographers, sculptors or musicians... The exibition is part of a general program that will evolve according to meetings and collaborations. We don't seek for answers but we are asking practical questions / are we realizing our plastic experiences / Let's assume the formal game and the pleasure of touching, hearing and seeing.

The two founders, Sophie Lamm: plastic artist and cédric canaud : plastic designer both consider that everything is possible from the moment the artist is ready to question his work. During the workshop the artist must leave his area of comfort of practice join the others. Playing with their common references, risking to face new apprehensions of forms and it's own plastic language to maybe grasp a common space.

State1 brought together cédric and Sophie, who already worked, watched and exanged together during another workshop in W. The desire of this exibition/workshop takes as a starting point an image that cédric has retained from Sophie's work space. The paintings were superimposed, stored, finished or not, on one of the walls. A question raised from this observation: How would these paintings be exposed when finished? At each new exibition, a painting from the workshop is exposed even with the risk of its completion. Are the boundaries of a table or a drawing are defined? What will be its mode of exposure. The framing is maybe necessary to froze some working gestures. Is the painting closed on itself in its solitude or does it cohabit for this experiment with the objects brought in for the workshop?

Sophie invites cédric to wonder about the space and the display, to produce physical circulations amid her paintings. Without denying its correctness, each piece attaches itself to another, like a patchwork and institutes a new dialogue: a matter, a color, a contour, a thickness becoming a language. Presented under the precise look of the designer cédric, the supports used by Sophie reveal their material and surface. Even bare boards are inserted into the installations taking place as minimal forms. The work of cédric can therefore be combined with the whole. His pieces are fragmented, lying or turned over to take a new status, they leave their usual context, lose their function to become fragments of this installation whose dimensions are lost. Are we still in paintings plans? Are we in this moment nose to nose with images? The installations shown here are the result of articulated plastic events in the space. We wander in a decorated space where the materials are replayed. A piece of polystyrene becomes concrete, moss becomes marble, a bunch of piece of paint mixed with silicone debris becomes a temple ruin. Typical scene of an archeological excavation, Cédric and Sophie play an act, they replay the pieces by installing them in a new scenario, a new global image, in a chronological loss..

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