Materials : Terracotta, PVC plugs
Format : Variables
Maker : Autoproduction 
Site : Housing workshop "Bains d'huile" Clermont-Ferrand / France
Year : 2019




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	"OBJETS MOUVANTS - Les signes/Mise à distance cercle N°023" 

"OBJETS MOUVANTS - Les signes/Mise à distance cercle N°04"

"OBJETS MOUVANTS - Les signes/Mise à distance ligne N°02"


"LES SIGNES". are all borrowed from languages, signals, symbols, anything that seeks to express an idea or an attitude via line or drawing. They express a tool to be tested, indicate a possible use. "In this circle I place or suspend" each form evokes a gesture interacting between several entities. Our gestures, the objects that accompany us and their temporary storage site.

These forms, to be installed on the walls as pegs or steles, to be hung or placed on the railings, to be placed at a distance around precious, important objects; Complete the grids by offering other gestures of use. They feed the link between the grid and our objects. Mention attitudes to adopt. Due to their presence, on the wall, on the floor or on furniture, they underline a form in space, they name both an intention and a gesture in front of the object that is attached to it. They are mobile extensions destined to form a duo with another form. They are so many hooks, pegs, climbing holds that can be used and moved, accompanying the daily movement of forms in the inhabited space.
























@Cédric Canaud - 2019