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"Nuit blanche Mayenne - Le Kiosque contemporary art center" / 2021 --- Materials: Plywood, Mdf Valchromat, Turned wood, Foam, Climbing rope, Silicone, Wool felt, Vegetal leather strap // Format: Variable floor occupation // Residence-workshop housing"Bains d'huile" Clermont-Ferrand / Production : Clermont_2028 / France / 2021



"LE STYLOBATE, LE REPOSANT, LE BLOC D'HÉRODOTE, LA TÊTE ET LE PLI" is reactivated during the Mayenne 2021 white night at the Center d'art contemporain Le kiosk in Mayenne. This project installs a set of "furniture" objects offered for manipulation in order to build a space to live in. The occupied space is then moving and depends both on the reception area of ​​the project and on the interactivity with the visitors, their needs or desires. In order to accentuate the desire to appropriate the pieces, the materials used are misleading, the silicone imitates stone or the stain of paint, the moss turns into rock... This is a set of objects forming a corpus of forms referenced to a historical architectural vocabulary, a vocabulary of activity or rest inviting the body to take hold of the forms to create a welcoming environment.

Curator : Mathias Courtet








































@Cédric Canaud - 2021