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"LES OBJETS MOUVANTS DE L'UNITÉ II - Avec le pied" (Séquence 02)" / 2019 Hd video loop - Participatory performance capture Duration: 20 min sequences, stereo sound. Projection Partners: Culture department of the city of Clermont-Ferrand, Collectif Zoooum Site: Choreographic center“La Diode” Clermont-Ferrand / France Year : 2019

Following the video studies of the units of the hand (Palm, Span & Thumb), a series of projects are emerging for the study of the Foot unit. This unit evokes a measurement in steps of our movements in our daily environments. How do these sometimes cluttered landscapes influence our movements and therefore our perception? Shared spaces, the schoolyard, the habitat, the gymnasium, public places are all places in which we must slalom in response to the elements that compose them. Benches, cars, signs and “other people” are elements with which we have to negotiate space. We must give way while taking ours, an instinctive compromise that tends towards cohesion.

The films "MOVING OBJECTS OF UNITS II - With the foot" studying the foot invite different types of population to participate in a sharing experience of a specific site during a video recording approaching the performance. The dance studio. The space of the intervention already evokes a discipline which works the space by the body, by the foot, it contains by its typology a whole series of possible interactions, and already influences the behavior of the invited participants. The objective of these videos/performances is to observe how we are able to invent common gestures and forms in new contexts despite our differences in culture or origins... The participants experience the appropriation of a site via forms and the other, via the references of the other.

The second sequence, a situation that mixes the codes of movement practitioners with other practices. Two bodies circulate by squaring the space along the X & Y axes, they do not seem to care about what surrounds them, they trace lines through movement by avoiding, pushing back or climbing the other occupants of the space. These two “complicit” participants pursue their mission in a time frame different from that of the others, their own. They represent those other moving presences with which we are constantly negotiating space.

A curtain obstructs part of the space, yet the actions seem to continue in this off-screen area. The two passers-by criss-crossing the space cross this border regularly, thus leading the other participants to look towards this other side, the mimicry makes it possible to widen the space. This curtain is however traversable, but without this intervention the participants seem to confine themselves to circumventing it. Do not touch it, a border to cross. In the third sequence, having already experienced crossing the curtain, the participants will move it, identify it as a form in the same way as the other occupants of the space. There seems to be a more complex connection with this form much larger than their body, rubbing against it is like moving the walls, they will do it if they are shown that it is possible. From the moment this more authoritative form that is the curtain is taken in hand, the whole space will capsize, more quickly, without complex, the grip builds and de-constructs ad infinitum.

The experience and learning aspect of space via the object and the gestures of the other as subject of observation. The dance studio with its floor and its stage lights already brings in the videos a feeling of "living art", these recordings of the event lead me to consider a ref-ormulation in the form of a live performance. The public becomes a new element to be integrated into the exploration space, a new off-camera zone.


Thank you to the Collectif Zoooum and to the culture department of the city of Clermont-Ferrand for making available the dance studio of the choreographic center "La Diode". Thanks also to Anthony Plasse (Production Assistant) and Garance Alvez, Clélia Barthelon, Naser Dushica, Emmy Junie Ols, Jean-Roméo Kajero, Coline Saglier for their participation.





















@Cédric Canaud - 2019