Materials :
Terracotta, 3D printing, Beech turned, Plastirock, Rubber stoppers & Silicone
Format : Variable, Constant Diameter of 1 Empan and 1 Palm.
Manufacturer  : Auto production 
Site : Cité Internationale des arts Paris / France
Year : 2017/2018

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SÉRIE 04, Baskets


" LES UNITÉS - L'EMPAN, LA PAUME & LE POUCE - Les contenants" is the first project/object echoing with the movie "Les Unités I - La main", produced during a residency at the cité internationale des arts in Paris.
Clay is one of the first natural elements that man has handled for his daily needs, making it a container for storage, trade, transportation, worship and ornament. These "Premiers" objects that archeology places at the heart of our behavioral culture, already established a link between pure utilitarian and religious ornamental tool. It is in the clay that the first traces of writing were found, this matter seems to have the capacity to print the expression of a civilization and its technical evolution. It is a reference material, still used by our contemporaries, which triggered a series of technical innovations during the history of men.

Seeking to exploit this heritage potential, the production of "Les contenants" will jointly use different techniques specific to this material. Via craftsmanship with the modeled and the slip then via the 3D impression which constitute three key points of the technical history of this natural matter. A mixture of typologies and invoices with various origins printed in the material, perceptible and referenced historically.

The pieces proposed have no pre-defined function, they are containers that can accommodate different uses related to their proportions while remaining prehensile. They are sized to the measurements of the hand, a multiple of an inch high, a palm of diameter and a second diameter of a span. These objects are intended to accommodate the hand and are conducive to handling and gauging. They remain raw, unglazed, the expression of the aspect "Functionality to be defined" of the project is reinforced by the addition of forms-handles in beech, plastirock or 3d printing. Some join to extend the shape, close or extend it, they become a vase, pot, box, urn, decoration or empty pocket, basket or container. It is the gesture and typology of use that will make the user who will define the function, it will never be fixed and will always depend on the type of deposit that will be done. Ornamental or consumable plants, pens or other everyday objects will demonstrate the "functional". These containers are open to the reception and question this "useful", it is therefore up to the user to define the status.

This material also has an interest in the search for saving materials, before cooking, which will set a final shape, it can be reused, recycled to infinity. A first blank cast in slip can be dissolved again to become raw material allowing a new casting and thus to infinity. There is a real interest for the researcher experimenting forms that can reuse the same material indefinitely. An object emerges and then melts to bring out another, a cycle in connection with a mystical gesture that echoes with the various fields of use that man makes of this natural, living material?