Materials :
Beech turned, Plastirock, Rubber stoppers, Okoume plywood, Silicone, Lacquered wood
Format : Variable, Height: Multiple Cubit, Width: 2 Feet & Prof: 1 Palm
Manufacturer : Auto production 
Site : Cité Internationale des arts Paris / France
Year : 2018

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SÉRIE 02, 3 Cubits height / Empty


" LES UNITÉS - LA PAUME, LA COUDÉE & LE PIED - Les cadres" is the second project / object echoing with the movie "Les Unités I - La main", produced during a residency at the cité internationale des arts in Paris, and linking with the second film "Les Unités II - Le pied" in preparation .

The collections, the status of objects, working together, we accumulate. Propose a new piece to a user is to propose a new form that will come into contact with the forms already present in its environment. It is to invest one's already formed landscape, already in movement and singular. Propose a design becomes a story of compromise. A new object arriving in a space must be able to adapt itself to what surrounds it, to integrate without trying to become the star ... to constitute pedestals to its pairs.

We are all making our own objects collection, accumulated during our lives in our daily habitats. These collections follow us and represent us, they are the witnesses of particular moments or the manifestation of our aesthetic orientations. They surround us and are staged by the everyday, sometimes meticulously designed, sometimes neglected but always surrounding and alive. This project seeks to stimulate and provoke our instincts of "Collectors / Decorators" by a series of frames / shelves. Exhibiting a starting grid that encourages the multiplicity of typologies, users will be able to deposit their favorite objects in order to draw their landscape. Encourage decision-making about the setting, the habitat, and finally, more broadly, how do we apprehend the world around us and how we interact with it? Are we the actors? Just as our cities comes from a hybridization of architectural forms and utilitarian objects that witness an urban history, our interiors are multiple, eclectic and yet always coherent.

The plywood from our factories that draws boxes / frames is here used raw, these boxes are raised by a grid of thin parts of beech planed, the material speaks of machining and yet looks like a clever and hand-made handicraft. The craftsman imitating the industrialist or the industrialist appropriating the actions of the craftsman?

The deliberately repetitive titles of the different projects echo the question of doing together, living together, building together. Set meaning here beings but also objects / forms, in the manner of Japanese animism "Kami". These units present on the cane of the builders, all have different geographical and historical origins while being used in common to allow the construction of some of the most famous ancient monuments, thus becoming standards that escape the cultural uses of an ethnic group, a reference to the history of our societies, their diverse origins and the history of the forms that surround us and constitute our everyday environment, from an Anthropological point of view, we will echo the history of human cultures around the world who lend to objects and other so-called inanimate forms a spirit acting on the world.
Relationship between Humans and Cultures and its manifestation through objects.