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"Journées Européennes du patrimoine" / 2020

"PERCHE II" / 2020 Materials: Ivory lacquered wood, Pine cleats, Folded raw earth sheet, 3D printing connections, Pvc screw covers, Terracotta, Lycra sheet, Strips of photo studio background paper. Format: Variable, piece installed in the space in connection with architectural elements, here an angle and a window. H: 340cm x 110cm x 150cm // Residence-workshop housing "Bains d'huile" Clermont-Ferrand / France



Opening of the housing workshops of the Bains d'huile residence managed by the visual arts culture department of the city of Clermont-Ferrand for the European Heritage Days 2020. These openings to the public of the workshops are an opportunity to take stock of practice, to bring order to it while allowing oneself to test things. A corpus of pieces in progress forming a temporary display, it is sometimes during these moments of installation and purification of the space that the pieces finally find their final form. The space must be freed up for the circulation of the gaze without losing the presence of the circulation of the body or bodies that have produced.

















@Cédric Canaud - 2020