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"LES OBJETS MOUVANTS - Grille basket 01" / 2019 --- Materials: Outremer lacquered beech squares, Lycra sheets, PVC caps, Terracotta and Plastirock, Basquettes, Volley ball, Masks, Down, Poles, Pottery, Sweatshirt sleeve, Glove, Cap... // Format: Structure H: 24 / L:110 / P:24cm + Variable ground occupation // Residence-workshop housing"Bains d'huile" Clermont-Ferrand / France







LES OBJETS MOUVANTS are forms that accompany us daily and move with us throughout the day, the contents of the cloakroom, valet, kitchen drawers... useful tool objects. "LES GRILLES" are the support part of the "Moving Objects" collection, they come together with "The Signs" and "The Californians" to offer adaptive forms conducive to hanging, depositing, throwing. As many gestures as we execute ad infinitum during a day of activity, these are our first gestures, those which move forms in space by drawing a living landscape along the sandstone of our movements. These grids are all manifestations of a link between a panorama and a form occupying it, they measure, give a scale, list and classify our everyday objects. It's up to us to play with our deposit gestures to create different figures. A tee-shirt throw spreads out a form measured and cut out by the grid, the deposit raises the everyday tool on a base... Our attitudes with our objects imprint scenes in our panorama. This typology, in grid form, is borrowed from and common to several utilitarian fields, that of the archaeologist who excavates and thus lists the ground, that of the imaginary dancer who moves there, that which defines orthonormal position coordinates in a space, geography , satellites... this form of grid allows us to communicate a position in space, it is easy to use and relatively understood by everyone. The grid here becomes a means of positioning a shape in a space by giving it a spatial coordinate. It represents a space.









@Cédric Canaud - 2019