Materials : 
Plywood, Beech, Caoutchouc 
Panelling : For one,100x100cm, For two, 100x200cm, For three 100x300cm
Manufacturer : Self production (model) 
Location : Paris / France
Year : 2013

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« Un plan pour le Forum » is a range of furniture designed and created by Cedric Canaud in 2013, the idea of a "Shared Threshold" is the basis of the project. Made of different modules and variants, they can be assembled in various alternatives and forms. The user can then sit or enjoy the shadow and can be included in either a public space or a private space. Perfect to share a lunch break, a relaxing moment or to work outside the office, the modules "FORUM", by the fact that they are always connected to each other, give the user the facility to  define its specifics and appropriate a shared threshold. The Plug, this composition composed of various modules allows an optimal adaptation to every environment and every need;, the forms can be used for lying, sitting or standing, and can be used as separations and shadows and invite the user to experience the space more intimately. The materials used are natural, the steamed beech and brushed metal create a tactile experience and gives hospitality and is a warm and relaxing welcome to the material and shape