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"DES POTENTIELS DU PAYSAGE - Horizon Casacde I" / 2020 Materials: Ivory lacquered wood, Modified badoit bottle, Sport glove, T-shirt, Plastirock ring and bar, Pvc. // Format: 55x68 x15cm // Housing residence-workshop "Bains d'huile" Clermont-Ferrand / France



















"DES POTENTIELS DU PAYSAGE". are sets seeking a dialogue in space between useful forms and plastic forms. A structural form with a neutral invoice contains or supports a set of so-called useful objects which then fall into a category of representation.

The ambiguity that arises here brings out multiple changes in the status of forms. The support sculpture evokes the base, the shelf or the console, and stages sets representing different units of measurement (the glove = the hand, the sleeve of the sweatshirt = the cubit, the basketball = the foot). Inherited from ancient Greek society, these units represented by worn contemporary objects advance the idea of ​​a possible historical connection. A review of our artisanal, industrial or technological advances. On our apprehension of the management of the resources of our environments. This is to make an observation. Going to see and wondering becomes an act in conscience for a future projection.

The water bottle, the terracotta, the live stream in 3d on the Martian soil or the down are all historical representations of our practices in the face of the natural resource. These pieces, in the same way as archaeological pieces, lose their functional status to switch to the object of worship representative of a temporality.

Under the effect of a gesture of installation close to the performance, the deposited forms, expose plastic qualities evocative of stories. The sleeping bag or the T-shirt become the Greek drapery, the water bottle the fountain... This display is the result of daily gestures that create precarious and moving landscapes. Revealing the needs for adaptability, change and evolution of our contemporary society.



@Cédric Canaud - 2021