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"DEPLOYABLE ARCHIVES I" / 2021 Materials: Slats of photo studio background paper, Okoume, Beech squares, Ivory lacquered wood, Melamine, Cardboard, Terracotta, Plastirock, Pvc plugs, 3D printing, Down, Raincoat, Lycra sheets, Basquettes, Strap, Rope Glove, Chair , Water Bottle, Pozzolan Craton, Neodymium Magnets, Branches.
Format: Variable, the installation adapts to its host site by clinging to the fixed architectural elements present, windows, doors… Here, housing workshop “Bains d’huile”, +/- H: 340cm x l : 500cm x W: 700cm
// Résidence-atelier logement "Bains d'huile" Clermont-Ferrand / France





















"DEPLOYABLE Archives". are in situ, adaptable installations. These forms of archives bring together a corpus of materials, gestures, references and connections unfolding in space in order to compose a panorama to be surveyed by the visitor which takes into account the architectural specificities of a site.

Ces projets sont liés aux gestes producteurs d’un atelier de recherche et de production dans le temps. Comment une représentation par la forme prend place, se déplace et mute au fil de sa construction sous l’influence de son environnement de monstration.

The many studio openings requested during my residency in Clermont-Ferrand led me to move, modify or exhibit pieces in progress by negotiating the space between new research and finalization of the pieces. These displacements born of observations and attempts at integration in space have revealed its specificities and components. The fixed architectural elements such as windows, doors, the quality of the floor or the walls, the light inlets and the height under the ceiling become fully-fledged elements of the installation, by masking, revealing (with light for example ), the space moves and structures a composition in which the corpus of the archive will unfold.

These corpuses are intended to form an inseparable but modular whole in different spaces which then represent a framework entering into interconnection with the act of exhibition of the archive.


@Cédric Canaud - 2021