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"CYCLE DES BOIS - Tuteur XL 09" / 2020 Materials: Bamboo, Anemone, Poplar, Peony, Turned wood, Wool, Hot glue, Knitting needles, Oak, Wire. // Format: 57x65cm // Manufacturer: Self-production for Super-sapin / Home alone-Clermont-Ferrand & Sumo-Lyon  // Residence-workshop housing "Bains d'huile" Clermont-Ferrand / France















"CYCLE DES BOIS - Tuteurs". It was during the first periods of teleworking that the “Super sapin” team contacted me to participate in a Christmas sale in favor of the artists of the territory. The pieces offered must be small in order to be sent by post to the purchaser. "How do you produce while imagining that you can't leave your home and that you have to do with what you have at hand and in front of you? »

A series of "Stakes / crafts" made from leftover plantations from my terrace is born. By a gesture of assembly, the wood produced by a plant over one season becomes the support for the shoots of the next. Allowing them to thrive and produce new wood which is then cut down and used to enlarge the original stakes. Self-production in cycle for the benefit of the future development of the plant and the object in parallel. These objects invite the purchaser to continue the manufacture of the form which will evolve on and with its site of implantation.

This first series questions our need for materials to produce forms. What resource are we exploiting and how are we using it? Beyond the production of a work, the challenge is then to seek to produce more responsibly and as economically as possible.

Tutors seek to build with the resources available at the time. Like a primitive act expressing the need to communicate and act for tomorrow. Why and how do we build, are we able to act? Questioning our capacity for action and the place of an artist in a society in full swing. What can we bring to our contemporaries, how to participate? An observation, a formatting, the representation of objectives and a dynamic.







@Cédric Canaud - 2020/2021