Materials : 
Cork & Wool felt, Néodyme magnets 
Size : 132 x 83cm
Manufacturer : Self production (model) 
Location : Paris / France
Year : 2013

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"UN PEU COMME GULLIVER" refers to the fantastic literature, that title starts a step towards parallel universes, introducing the idea that a new space, still unknown can emerges from known or usual space. It speaks about suggested volumes, found on the alive arts scene, where the zones and displacements are drawn there, only appeared on the floor by markings. Here, even if space does not have tangible reality it is practised. Taking again this principle, the project "Un peu comme Gulliver" consists of the multiplication and the assembly of modules in order to produce a carpet fitting in the field of the supports tools of installation, of scenography. The modules allows to draw an infinity of patterns as well as adjustable dimensions new perimeters, in the initial space. They create ornament, prolong, and activate the occupying floor's furniture, they establish interactions between space, in its globality, and the occupying bodies or circulating. Exposing each type of environments potential and what composing them, this project takes sens when developing in various situations.

Skecth © Cédric Canaud - Photo cédric Canaud & Sylvie Blazy - Studio Eric Bergoënd © Cédric Canaud 2013