Materials : 
Paper, silicone, wood  
Size : (18x17,5 øcm) & (36x35 øcm
Manufacturer : Self production 
Location : Paris / France
Year : 2014

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"MIMETISME - LA CORBEILLE ..." The first design of the collection “Mimetisme”, "La Corbeille....” incites the user to interact with the object by building it manually with different pieces and then explorin ways to use it. Simply by changing the things that are put and displayed in the base, "La Corbeille…"the becomes a fruit bowl, a paper bin or even a trophy. The material takes on a special role, made of colourful laminated paper sheets, sharply cut. "La Corbeille..." can be seen as an ongoing process and object, but is simultaneously elegant and distinguished. The successive layers of paper imitate the edge of a plywood board, and other ‘imitations’ of materials wil be explored in the rest of the collection. Light, easy to use, convenient and easy to deconstruct, ‘La Corbeille...’ proposes to examine the status and rol of the object in our habitat. Minimal and timeless, the object takes all its meaning via its use and its place in different spaces, and becomes much more than just a bowl. Of each design, object or collection, Cedri Canaud asks questions and revisits daily standards in order to challenge them.