Lives and works between Paris et Clermont-Ferrand



Bio - Cedric Canaud lives and works between Paris and Clermont-Fd. After studying at the Beaux-arts of Rennes and Palermo, he exhibited his work during the Paris/Berlin meetings, at the Maison Populaire in Montreuil, at the MACCAR in Caracas, at the UQAM Art and Design Center in Montreal at Arcade art center in Ste Colombe or during the sleepless nights in Aubervilliers and at the Contemporary Art Center Le Kiosque de Mayenne... It was during a residency at the Cité des arts in Paris that his research offered to questioning the commons of so-called forms of arts and applied arts in a practice where interactivity and interdisciplinarity become subjects of work.

Leading him towards various forms, nourished by contemporary experiences of movement, sculpture, archeology and new technologies, this subject explores the exhibition display, the craftsmanship and the practicality of a form in order to make the user-observer his place as actor-performer of the exhibition event. It invites us to reshape our environment, question our uses of housing and our contemporary panoramas as well as our gestures towards the object. His work will soon be presented at "Altitude 2028" in Clermont-Ferrand as well as at the contemporary art center Le Kiosque in Mayenne.

Suggesting to us the act, the manipulation, the re-fabrication and the re-appropriation of our daily landscapes.






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