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Bio - After international studies in fine arts in France and Italy, Cedric Canaud, plastic designer opens his studio in Paris in 2010. In constant practical and theoretical research, Cédric Canaud is interested in space, sculpture and their visual representations. Every project is an invitation to take part in 'the design event', to experience it as an action that stages links between people, objects and the different spaces hosting them. This to propose projects which make and redraw our environment. According to him, the housing environment is a place, which has to suggest compromises with his various occupants. Our uses of the contemporary housing environment and our body movements in front of the object are questioned and reshaped. His approach of design, minimal, neutral and simple authorises Cédric to conceive new products included in the framework of every user, 'a new object arriving in a space has to adapt itself to its surroundings and integrate itself without trying to be the star…' This desire urges him to use certain formal codes suggesting structural practices but also and especially to have fun with the forms, the uses and the concepts. Rigorous in his research of a balance between ornament and functional geometry, Cédric observes, analyses and causes the manipulation and the continuation by the user of his design proposals. In order to optimise, the costs of fabrication and willing to economise the wherewithal, the raw, natural materials and their assembly take a privileged place in his work. His last collection: Jouer La Matière, made of various interior elements (pedestal table, fruit bowl), was appreciated as much by individuals as the international press.

Exposed in France, Quebec, Finland or Venezuela, Cédric works in parallel of his collections on various artistic missions: styling, artistic direction, interior decoration and arrangement for various luxurious international customers such as Mobalpa, Perene, Delpha, Ritz Health Club, Lancôme or French Touche.

Véronique Cellier / Hirondelle communication 2016