Lives and works between Paris et Clermont-Ferrand Worshop / Artistic residency Direction de la culture de Clermont-Ferrand 18 rue de l'oratoire Clermont-Ferrand / Contact, Press request -


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Bio - Cedric Canaud, visual designer, lives and works between Paris and Clermont-Ferrant where he is currently pursuing his research in a housing workshop in the city. After studying at the Beaux Arts in Rennes and Palermo, he opened his studio in 2013 in Paris. Taking a position on the possible role of a contemporary designer, he produces pieces on horseback between sculpture, video or performance and the useful object. The interdisciplinarity of design becomes a subject of work leading to various forms, nourished by contemporary research of dance, sculpture, archeology, heritage and technology, which will then interact as a whole. This ensemble questions the design, defining it as an event that shows the links between the objects, the beings and the spaces that welcome them. The history, the perception, the invoice and the practicality of a form constitute a lexicon in which it draws in order to make the user his place of actor in the event. It invites us to remodel our environment, to question our uses of the contemporary habitat and our gestures in the face of the object. We suggest the act, the manipulation and the re-fabrication of our daily landscapes.